Goal Getter

With Lamplighter London celebrating 5 years last week, we are thinking about how to turn your ideal life into your real life. Starting the business was less of a "dream" for our founder Chiara Perano, and more of a mission, something she had been doing for a long time and wanted to share, but with no real idea of how to make the studio work. Having now passed our first big milestone birthday and with a few booming years of business under her belt, we can tell you it's vision, determination, a little bit of good fortune, but mostly getting out there and making it happen. Girl Power moments. 

As we're nearly half way through the year, it's a very appropriate time to review our goals, see what's working and what's not, and with the Summer Solstice approaching you've got the magic of the planets behind you . We are all a little guilty of not sticking to (or maybe even forgetting...) what we picked as our resolution on the 1st of January, so see this a gentle reminder to get back on track. 

Lamplighter Goal Getter Download

For our June studio freebie gift to you, we have created the 'Goal Getter' sheet to help you narrow down what you personally need to focus on to achieve your vision. This simple exercise can leave you feeling inspired and ready to make positive change. Maybe it's less time on social, more time for reading up on your industry's news. Maybe it's go to bed earlier, or cut out meat for a month, or more of visiting your favourite people. Maybe it's take less shit, and make more art. What ever you want to stop, or start, we hope our Goal Getter sheet will help you feel ready to take on the world. 

Print in A4, Click Here to Download. Fill it out, (one for each goal if you want to get deep), stick it on your wall, in your diary, on your bedside table. Somewhere where you can be reminded to feel empowered and in charge of your life. And then let it go. 

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