Today we're sharing our favourite places in London to pick up art supplies and stationery. These are our go-to stores when we need to pick up essential supplies, unique and specific tools or pretty stationery. Whether you're looking to splash around with watercolour, embellish a canvas with paints or make marks with your nib + ink these shops have got your back... 

Cass Art
'Lets fill this town with artists'

Their huge flagship store in Islington is an art lovers dream - row upon row, shelf upon shelf of every art supply you could ever need. If we're ever in a pinch here at the Lamplighter studio, we can rely on a quick trip to Cass Art to save the day. 

L. Cornellisen & Sons

We'd recommend L.Cornellisen & Sons to anyone looking for Traditional Calligraphy supplies. They have a lovely selection of inks and nibs and they cover every base you could need whether you're just starting out at calligraphy or an expert calligrapher. 

Choosing Keeping

The words 'practical, yet beautiful' spring to mind with the elegant and simple stationery in Choosing Keeping. One of our favourite things is the incredible gift wrap - bright colours, muted colours, fruit prints, floral prints, geometric prints - it's just roll after roll of beautifully detailed patterns, it's almost a shame to use it!

Present & Correct

Pastels, brights and geometric shapes. This is what you can expect to find on the stationery in Present & Correct. It has an old school vibe with airmail labels and stamps, letter racks and British telegram sets, but mixed in with modern colours and shapes. We think it's a great place to buy gifts for a stationery loving friend.

House of Hackney

You see the decadent patterns and rich, deep shades and can instantly identify it's House of Hackney. We love their prints and notebooks, particularly the palm print. We also collaborated with House of Hackney recently, you can find out more about the range on their website here. It will be available soon, so make sure you don't miss it! 

What are your favourite places to pick up your favourite art supplies and must have stationery?