I struggled to find the required prep materials to marble like a pro with gouache and acrylic paints and had a sad start with sticky cornflour and sinking ink. I'm sure you can buy the proper kit online but I'm a bit impatient, and believe that sometimes great results come from lovingly misguided experiments. It was obviously meant to be though, as a small stationers near the studio surprised us by stocking a huge selection of marble inks - in comparison to the large London art stores who mostly had no idea what I was talking about. 

Lamplighter London | Loves... Marbling!

Stemming from ancient Japanese techniques, marbling paper is messy, fun and therapeutic, kind of how I remembered it from school, but better. Dripping inks into the water tray, trying all sorts of different absorbing techniques, feeling hands-on artistic (a luxury in day to day business) and listening to good music, made it my favourite day in a long time. Here's some snapshots, but my hands were mostly too grubby to pick up a camera - ink gets everywhere. 

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