We've got a vision for our special event. Can you help make some beautiful stationery? 

Absolutely. We offer a full bespoke stationery service, creating wow invitations, modern calligraphy, table decorations and all the extras that make your do' look really, really special. Using a variation of printing techniques, quality products and creative solutions we make social stationery to impress. We pride ourselves on our intimate and discreet customer service, guiding you through the process to make the artwork journey an exciting pleasure. We have many very happy customers on our books. 

I've already got my invitations printed / made them myself, can you write the envelopes in calligraphy?

Yes, modern calligraphy is our thing. You can even get the stationer to send the envelopes directly to us for ease, and we will deliver them to you addressed and ready to go. Remember we will need 10% extra envelopes, to allow for any ink mishaps, and an excel/word file with the names and address laid out correctly. 

We're making our own wedding invites, can you create some calligraphy for us to use on the design? 

Sure, we can supply you with digital calligraphy files to insert into your own invitation artwork. Thumbs up for getting crafty

Can you create a special map for my dad's / husband's / best friend's birthday?

Definitely, this is one of our most popular services. We can plot out your houses, special places, favourite holidays and add in loads of personal extras, words and messages on a hand drawn map of your town, country, or corner of the world. Have a look at some previous maps here

We want a something special tucked in with our invites, what do you suggest? 

A bespoke map? A portrait? An illustrated timeline?  We have many ideas to discuss with you.

How long does it take to do the envelope calligraphy? 

Typically, we say to allow 2 weeks for the job, and we suggest it's best to get your job in early during the busy wedding season (May-August). We can (schedule permitting) squeeze in rush orders at an extra charge. For your complete invitation design we suggest allowing 2-3 months. 

Can you make neon / rose gold / fadey ocean turquoise / unicorn tear coloured ink?

Yes, any colour you like, using acrylics, gouache, water and magic . And yes we've made all of the above

I want to learn how to do calligraphy too, what's all this about your workshops?

We offer exclusive modern calligraphy classes in London. Classes do sell out quite quickly, so sign up to our newsletter below to receive the new dates sent to your email.  Expect calligraphy, ink, gorgeous stationery, food and drink in a beautiful location. It's a wonderful class. 

Do you work with artists and brands?

We are always admiring other inspiring creatives, and love collaborating. From textile and fashion designers to large brands and PR companies, potters, authors, event planners, florist and film makers... you get the gist, send an email to studio@lamplighterlondon.com

Can we hire you for an onsite job? 

Yes!  Our expert calligrapher Chiara Perano is available to wow your guests and customers with live calligraphy in store. Send an email to chat further

Do you sell any jazzy stationery or calligraphy supplies?

Funny you should mention... check out our online shopWe are selling kits, tools and prints for a limited time only. And for those interested in learning calligraphy, we have very exciting news, that Lamplighter founder, Chiara Perano, has an illustrated calligraphy guide book called Nib + Ink, published by Penguin Random House. 



SHIPPING COSTS FOR BESPOKE artwork + calligraphy

In London we send our bespoke stationery items by same day courier, at £20
Nationwide we send out items by Royal Mail special delivery, from £15
Worldwide we send out items by courier, price on application


We require 50% of the total payment prior to commencing the design, and the total balance is payable prior to delivery.   It is your responsibility to handover all information to complete the artwork, any delay in delivery of materials will delay the final delivery of the artwork. Whist Lamplighter London will do everything we can to ensure there are no misspellings, the final copy check is down to yourselves, and after artwork has been signed off and sent to print any changes may incur a reprint and design fee. Please email the studio with any further questions.